Its Really Law of Attraction

The Seventh Cup
Nitesh Kumar Jain
The storyline kept me puzzled in and out of Avinash and his writings. Apparently the plot developed slowly. Things that are developed slowly with patience result into a nice lovely thing or gets completely messed. Here, story was slow, and yes it was nice and did not turn into a nightmare! The plots have been detailed beyond requirement i felt! If the detailing can be removed then the story was good.
 The characters kept engaged. Avinash meeting the Swiss then the story goes around swizerland and there on so forth!
 Author’s writing skills are very good. His imagination is great! There were some scenes that lifted their par just because of author’s imagination and his vocabulary. Nice book, its just that its too lengthy!
 Yes and of course, don’t forget the climax, I liked it too!

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