King of Hearts = King of Bestseller !

Review : King of Hearts
Author : Prassant Kevin
Book Length : 226
Publisher : Inked Company

The book cover is made of white colour. Red enters from top and forms a V-shape like the lower portion of heart. A face of an author is printed as if he is admiring.

Blurb is short and sweet. Up to the point.

It is a nice romantic and inpiring story. Smooth and simple language. Emotions ponder right from the authors heart, which is delivered properly with words. The story is intact. The story depicts the journey of Ayan as an aspiring Author, Misha as a supportive friend. Soon emotions graduate and they fall for each other. Story goes with twists and turns giving it an emotional end. The end was heart breaking. Each character is well developed by the author. Scenes are narated in short and sweet manner which I take from the novel, and of course, inspiring lines, some said by Ayan, some said by Misha.

Some errors which I think even bestseller of the year too has. So it is somewhat fine from my point of view! 😊

Few of my favourite lines are on page 73, 103, & 223. Chapter 12 is very emotional and inspiring and same is with the last few chapters. Well, I will not tell you those lines or the story, now need to go online and purchase it, and check it yourself. I know everyone will like it!

A line from page 104:
‘One Man’s Tale Became An Inspiration For Millions.’