Broken Bangles by Vaidehi Sharma: Straight from Heart

Broken Bangles by Vaidehi Sharma is not a book of short stories. It is about three dimensional story. Meina Jaan, Nisha and Sudha. The world of these characters seems normal until the blossoms. It is direct from heart, a story written by a woman about women. But nowhere you would feel her indulgence. The first story starts a with first person point of view which very intellectual writing as it helps the reader to feel the same thing as the narrator. The second story shifts to first person character narration so now you can feel the character and third story shifts to second person pov so that you understand the character and it is easy to finish the book.
Have you ever got a gift with a special note? Same is the book. There is a sticky note before each story. That makes the reader feel special and separates this book from others.

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