Ahira: The Battle of Princess and Queen by Dhruv Anand

Ahira: The Battle of Princess and Queen

The cover was simple yet mysterious. It doesn’t spill the beans. Honestly I had never heard the story of Queen Ahira so I was Keen to dive into this story. The narration of the story is nice. It gives gist of the important characters. The paced soon like a movie screenplay. It depicts various emotions like love, respect, pride, greed. In fact there is an example given for one of them. It is like a mind blowing concept. It also shows the complexity of relations daughter and father, husband and wife, brother and sister, teacher and student. The dialogues are impressive. The Battle scene was wrapped very soon, while I was looking for some more details since the story was crafted with Keen details at start. But I understand as it is short story. One part was confusing or maybe it seemed complex which happens between Maurya and his father. One of the best things I feel about this short story is, you can find a glossary that give you meaning of each character’s name. Nice work Dhruv Anand. More to come.



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