It was hot Saturday yesterday. Our script writing process had slowed down. We, me and my friends, decided to sit at the Starbucks to complete the script. There we saw Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak sitting. They were having cup of coffee.

Lokhandwala Durgotsav happens at the Lokhandwala Garden, which was nearby. I eagerly wanted to see Ma Durga and wanted to have bhog. I decided to walk. As I stepped in the ground, I saw around 500 people standing in queue for the bhog. I took darshan. I knew I couldn’t wait in that big queue. My stomach ached. So I went to a small food cart and had my lunch in peace. My durga had blessed with food.

Jai Ma Durga

Ma Durga at Lokhandwala Durgotsav


The Egg Story

The story of life from start to end, and afterlife and beyond to reincarnation. An animated story film – The Egg Story.

The Egg Story by Shutpix

Video Credits: Kurzgesagt – Universe in A Nutshell (Story by Andy Weir)

Delicious food at Ajay Chinese Corner

Ajay Chinese Corner, Mira Road is a very old chinese fast food junction. It all started from a small footpath food junction to now restaurant. They serve a variety chinese fast food from veg to non veg. In veg, you will get paneer and even, mushroom. In non veg, they serve chicken, egg and prawns.For the past 4 years, this has been one of my favorite fast food joint in Mira Road.Looking at Ajay and his Team’s hard efforts has put in till date, I can say where there is a way, there is a way!Food lovers, do visit this place and enjoy the food !

Yakshini available on Amazon

Author of Bestseller novels presents his newest work.

About Yakshini
Halfway to the heavens, in a realm hidden by clouds, a divine beauty—a Yakshini—is facing a sentence for her folly. Down on earth, a couple in Maharashtra is expecting their seventh child and is performing a special yajna to fulfil their desires. By a strange quirk of fate, these two distinctly different lives are soon to be intertwined. Fifteen-year-old Meenakshi is no ordinary girl. Blessed with celestial attributes, she has beauty that would rival a goddess’, a unique communion with nature and a supernatural being living inside her. Even so, Meenakshi lives amongst men and eventually, the evil eye falls upon her. That’s when the Yakshini inside her awakens. As the Yakshini takes control, Meenakshi is catapulted into a world of passion and violence that even threatens her husband’s life. Neil D’Silva’s Yakshini is a toe-curling, spine-tingling tale where mythology comes deliciously alive on the page. With its fantastic creatures and unforgettable characters, the book highlights the tussle between the supernatural and the human, sure to enchant all readers.

Buy now and enjoy reading. Do leave your reviews on the social media. Every feedback is the booster for an author write more.

Ahira: The Battle of Princess and Queen by Dhruv Anand

Ahira: The Battle of Princess and Queen

The cover was simple yet mysterious. It doesn’t spill the beans. Honestly I had never heard the story of Queen Ahira so I was Keen to dive into this story. The narration of the story is nice. It gives gist of the important characters. The paced soon like a movie screenplay. It depicts various emotions like love, respect, pride, greed. In fact there is an example given for one of them. It is like a mind blowing concept. It also shows the complexity of relations daughter and father, husband and wife, brother and sister, teacher and student. The dialogues are impressive. The Battle scene was wrapped very soon, while I was looking for some more details since the story was crafted with Keen details at start. But I understand as it is short story. One part was confusing or maybe it seemed complex which happens between Maurya and his father. One of the best things I feel about this short story is, you can find a glossary that give you meaning of each character’s name. Nice work Dhruv Anand. More to come.

Broken Bangles by Vaidehi Sharma: Straight from Heart

Broken Bangles by Vaidehi Sharma is not a book of short stories. It is about three dimensional story. Meina Jaan, Nisha and Sudha. The world of these characters seems normal until the blossoms. It is direct from heart, a story written by a woman about women. But nowhere you would feel her indulgence. The first story starts a with first person point of view which very intellectual writing as it helps the reader to feel the same thing as the narrator. The second story shifts to first person character narration so now you can feel the character and third story shifts to second person pov so that you understand the character and it is easy to finish the book.
Have you ever got a gift with a special note? Same is the book. There is a sticky note before each story. That makes the reader feel special and separates this book from others.

Check out this book on Goodreads: Broken Bangles – A Literary Corpus—a-literary-corpus