The Pursuit of Happyness

@willsmith nailed the real Christopher Gardner in the movie Pursuit of Happyness. I was overwhelmed by the performance of entire cast and the contribution of crew. Taught a lessons : 

  • Don’t let anyone tell you, “You Can’t Do It!”
  • It does not matter if you don’t the answers to the questions asked, what matters is, are ready to find the answers to it!
  • Don’t give up your responsibilities on any terms!
  • Be helpful!
  • Don’t forget your promises!
  • Accept the truth. Don’t win somedays love on a lie!
  • Have patience!
  • Keep smiling!

And many more!!!


Lion a movie based on real life, a journey of an adult to find his real parents. At the age of 5, he found himself locked in a train compartment and reached Kolkatta. He was adopted and moved to Australia. As an adult he set his journey to find his biological parents through Google Earth . Great concept. I look forward to watch!

#lion #devpatel #kolkatta #nicolekidman

Watch the trailer. You will love it!

Inhuman Act

An inhuman act and disgraceful act that happened at our Capital. Helping others many times resolves the upcoming issues and then it is important to take precaution. A girl was stabbed 22 times and that happened at 9 AM on a busy street where there was a police station nearby! Yes, sometimes do comes with a risk, does that mean that you would let some individual be killed!

What has happened to us? We really need to ask this question to ourselves and fix this issue as soon as possible!  Only then, India will be a safe country! Remember someone else is dying, tomorrow someone from your family may die! Will you sttand quiet!

May be at some point of time, the victim’s family and police was also responsible for this! This is a sheer shame of negligence! This is not the first time this is happening. It’s time for us to change! And we, only we can bring the change! Let’s do it!