50 Killed in Las Vegas shooting, Biggest in US History



The Pursuit of Happyness

@willsmith nailed the real Christopher Gardner in the movie Pursuit of Happyness. I was overwhelmed by the performance of entire cast and the contribution of crew. Taught a lessons : 

  • Don’t let anyone tell you, “You Can’t Do It!”
  • It does not matter if you don’t the answers to the questions asked, what matters is, are ready to find the answers to it!
  • Don’t give up your responsibilities on any terms!
  • Be helpful!
  • Don’t forget your promises!
  • Accept the truth. Don’t win somedays love on a lie!
  • Have patience!
  • Keep smiling!

And many more!!!


Lion a movie based on real life, a journey of an adult to find his real parents. At the age of 5, he found himself locked in a train compartment and reached Kolkatta. He was adopted and moved to Australia. As an adult he set his journey to find his biological parents through Google Earth . Great concept. I look forward to watch!

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Watch the trailer. You will love it!