Dual Lives

Dual Lives by Gourab Mitra

Publisher : Partridge India.
Genre : Romance, Suspense – Fiction.
Pages : 306.
Kindle- ASIN: B00SUQJ6II
Paperback- ISBN-10: 1482838109.
ISBN-13: 978-1482838107.
Hardcover- ISBN-10: 1482838117.
ISBN-13: 978-1482838114.

Prashant wants to marry his longtime girlfriend Kiran. They have been into relationship for 6 years now. He proposes, but she does not respond, under the influence of her first crush. Kiran today steps at the Radio Rocks office in her dream job profile, Radio Jockey. Will Kiran accept Prashant’s marriage proposal?

A kid at tea stall inspired heart broken lifeless Ajinkya and he jumps back into success. He plans to adopt this kid, but is it so easy to adopt a kid?Dual Lives

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